20 March 2012

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It is a faster way to collect inspiration online as many now agree.

'The Agency Pitch' shot by Cris Cordeiro

Shot by the talented photographer Cris Cordeiro, his website is on the right of this blog under the LINKS section. I helped out by crafting headlines and posing in the middle as a scoundrel.

Baby Sleep Positions - Don't I know it!


Virtual Vatican click this title to experience.

Amazing virtual view of the Sistine Chapel, awesome.

13 January 2012

The Alphabet of Film

Anyone who’s ever had even a passing interest in film has to have a go at this. See if you can figure out the film alphabet through the decades.

Courtesy of http://www.stephenwildish.co.uk

09 January 2012

Dear Photograph

Although this technique has been done before, this collection of photographs gives it more meaning through the lens of time and emotion. Click on the Dear Photograph title above to see the others or go to http://dearphotograph.com/

06 January 2012

Wife Swap Australia TVCs

h(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-gi0kyBXeqKM/TwaFHg_IPzI/AAAAAAAAAcs/c0WJswq6Jcs/s1600/Wife%2BSwap%2BBaked%2BBeans.jpg">
Wrote this campaign for agency Dynamix and wound up performing in one of the spots, very disturbing. See it at my official website that's easier on the eye www.kenbuchan.com
Blurb – If the key to good drama is conflict, then Wife Swap has it by the laundry load. It’s a show that isn’t just fun to watch but really lifts the lid on the different ways men and women choose to live and raise a family together. Perhaps that’s why this BAFTA-award winning series has been produced in the UK and US for over 8 years, and has now arrived down under – exclusive to XYZ Networks, LifeStyle YOU channel on FOXTEL. http://www.lifestyle.com.au/tv/wife-swap-australia/

Specialties: TV Campaigns, Outdoor Campaigns, Copywriting, Art Direction

FOX8 Idents

Creative & Art Direction, TV, www.kenbuchan.com

Wrote these quirky idents for FOXTEL's Channel FOX8, literally finding the 8 in things in collaboration with EyeCandy Animation.

Specialties: Storyboards, Copywriting, Art Direction

04 May 2009

YOU DECIDE at Museum of Australian Democracy

My challenge was to make democracy engaging and it was a great pleasure to have the pick of events that shook Australian democracy, not everything got through research groups but we still got ads that makes you think. Enjoy.


The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra is a place where events are put into context within Australia and the world. Where you decide. It is one of the world’s first museums dedicated to the history and practice of democracy. Where you’ll find inspiring stories of everyday people who made a difference in the society we live in. Touch, see, hear, feel and be truly immersed in the events that have shaped our distinctive democracy. Because democracy isn’t just a word for the political system we have but something we live day to day. So stand up and be counted, visit a cultural attraction that will forever change the way you think and feel about your democracy.

11 March 2009

'GRAB A PLANE', an inspired online promotion.

A great concept out of Colenso BBDO Auckland for air New Zealand attracting an inspired 5% of the kiwi population, an evolution of their 'Grab a seat' campaign, well done guys!

07 March 2009

WILD TURKEY AD 'Accept no imitations'

This is one of my very first ads which has been on air for over a decade now, and the talent hasn't even asked for a roll over fee yet, what a Turkey! www.kenbuchan.com

Agency: Young & Rubicam Adelaide
Client: Orlando Wyndham
Writer: Dan Moth
Art Director: Ken Buchan

15 sec version for USA www.kenbuchan.com

04 March 2009

Here's how to Stay Smart Online

These are a few animated videos I wrote for a Federal Government Initiative, quite quirky for government don't you think? We made a very boring topic more interesting with animated characters so hopefully people will be engaged to watch and save their computers being hacked into!


Animation by Eye Candy.

DEGAS Valentine's Day Promotion

The National Gallery of Australia speaks the language of love with tickets to french impressionist DEGAS.

09 October 2008

'Train' Ad for TransACT wins Worldfest Grand Remy for Advertising in America.

TransACT is Canberra's answer to FOXTEL but with a big difference, video on demand, meaning you don't have to wait for a session time like Foxtel, it's your remote control that decides when a movie or program begins. The brief was to demonstrate the superior control of TransTV Digital.

The first ad in the campaign I wrote was 'TRAIN'. The ad went on to win the prestigious Remi Grand Award for Best TV Commercial at the 39th Annual WorldFest International Film Festival in Houston Texas.

Picture: From left , Ivan Slavich (chuffed TransACT client), Director Serge Ou and Ken Buchan Creative Director.

Here is the next ad in the campaign advertising the benefits of TransACT's TransTALK and asking the question, "Why wait for an off peak call rate?"

This ad for TransACT's TransMOBILE pondered how different mobile phone rates can really alter your concept of time.

Client: TransACT
Agency: ZOO Advertising
CD/Writer/Art Director: Ken Buchan
Director: Serge Ou
Production: Bearcage

25 June 2008

Stress Down on 24/7

This ad shows everyday people as they head to work within the busy city expressing their fun, quirky interpretations of Stress Down day. This simple break from the norm to ‘Stress down’ will make a huge difference to support Lifeline on the 24th of July and raise awareness of emotional stress in our society.

Lifeline Australia is asking all Australians to mark 24 July – 24/7 – as a day to think about how we can reduce stress in our lives. Stress Down On 24/7 is a national day for everyone to engage in some stress reducing activity – at work, home, anywhere - in return for making a donation to Lifeline. This is Lifeline’s first major fund raising campaign with proceeds helping to fund Lifeline’s 24 hour telephone counseling service which answers 1,500 calls every day.

To get involved or make a donation visit stressdown.org.au

Client: Lifeline Australia
Agency: ZOO Advertising
Creative Director: Ken Buchan
Production House: Orange Whip Films
Director: Matt Harris

27 May 2008

Gloria Jeans Coffee 'Escape the daily grind'

The most mundane activities are a pleasure with a GJ coffee in your midst.

28 March 2008

The National Gallery of Australia 'Be Moved'

The National Gallery of Australia wanted to promote their latest exhibition

featuring many of the world’s greatest artists never before seen in Australia.
These artists looked at the world differently by creating painterly explorations of mood and time passing, experimenting with colour and form.

However at the time of filming none of the works had arrived on our shores yet. So we decided to capture the emotive reaction of a woman within the gallery being immersed within a Turner painting. The performance of the actor together with our cinematography created the mood, that there is much more to these works than meets the eye. The exhibition went on to become the most successful to date for The National Gallery of Australia.

Client: National Gallery of Australia
Agency: ZOO Advertising
CD/Writer/Art Director: Ken Buchan
Designer: John Ruman, Clinton Hutchinson.
Exhibition logo: George Mackintosh
Production: Toolbox Films NZ
Director: Michael Reihana
Cinematographer: Damien Wyvill
Editor: Daniel Monaghan


Many art critics have described the work of Degas as though he's looking through a keyhole at his subjects because they are typically unaware of the artist's gaze. Their poses are natural and unselfconscious. Our ad therefore moves through the majestic world of Degas like a VIP backstage pass behind the scenes to yesteryear in France. Eye Candy has provided the odd flourish of tasteful animation too.

Old Parliament House series of animated ads.

As seen on bestadsontv.com and featured on the NYC based animated magazine STASH, these animated spots for Old Parliament House have been awarded around the world. Mrs PM won an AGDA Finalist (Australian Graphic Design Association) and with 'Leaks Scoops and Scandals' also won a highly commended at The MAPDA awards (Museums Australia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards) under a multimedia category against prominent cultural institutions throughout Australia.

All four OPH animated ads won a Platinum REMI award in the 'series/campaign' category at the WorldFest International Film Festival. A second Platinum REMI award for the 'Talking Walls' commercial in the 'institutional identity' category and a third Platinum REMI award in the 'Low Budget' category for the 'Mrs Prime Minister' exhibition commercial.


With a low budget, a big story to tell and a random collection of old photographs I decided to use pop up animation to bring to life the different eras featured within these exhibitions. Our brief was to freshen up the stuffy perception of this historic Australian icon, and we are pleased to say that they are much loved as a series and the pop up style is now synonymous with the Old Parliament House brand.


"Old Parliament House in Canberra has permanently opened its Press Gallery to the public— the offices, corridors and gallery from where the major political events, leaks, scoops and scandals were reported by journalists between 1927 and 1988."

This spot uses animation to recreate the stress, squalor and glory of this cramped and frantic place, and gives an insight into how the physical intimacy of the press and politicians at Old Parliament House shaped the way Parliament and federal politics were reported to Australia.

Client: Old Parliament House
Writer/Art Director: Ken Buchan
Animation: Damian Stocks
Animation Design: Rachael Johnson

We also explored the clandestine ways the journalists got their scoops and how the House of Reps looked a lot like the bay of a typewriter. Animation by the ever-talented eyecandyanimation.com


'Mrs PM' also won a finalist at The 8th Biennial AGDA AWARDS (Australian Graphic Design Association) against over 2,700 entries from Australia, UK, Germany, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand.

CD/Writer/Art Director: Ken Buchan

Winning an AGDA finalist for Visual Design with 'Mrs PM' was a great achievement with many thanks to Damian Stocks, Rachael Johnson and Joe Styles of Eye Candy Animation who worked with me to create the beautiful 1950's cardboard cut-out visual style using material from the Mrs Prime Minister exhibition.

Our brief from OPH was to dramatise the role of a Prime Minister's wife as well as featuring highlights from the exhibition.

The challenge was not to focus too heavily on one Prime Minister's wife, so instead I chose to highlight objects and moments from a few different women in office such as Sonia McMahon’s famous 'White House' dress, romantic love letters from Joe and Enid Lyons and a shanghai slingshot owned by Pattie Menzies (she apparently used to shoot at Currawongs with it for fun!) Although this idea was abandoned from the final script so as not to offend the animal rights groups.

Another aspect of being a Mrs PM was that they were often quite lonely, so the idea of being hounded by the paparazzi brought to life how isolated they all felt tucked away in the ivory tower of The Lodge.


The Old Parliament House traveling exhibition explores how the Australian spirit was forged during the hard times of the Great Depression between 1929 and 1932.

So I wrote a 'riches to rags' tale of an animated aussie bloke who literally walks through the turmoil of The Great Depression, coming out the other side to triumph over adversity with his free spirit intact.

This Exhibition will also travel throughout Australia sharing the personal letters and diaries, depression-crafted objects, photographs and much more, to reveal the untold stories of the Great Depression. This extraordinary exhibition is a powerful and poignant portrait of the people of Australia at the most testing and turbulent point in the nation’s history.

This is the third ad in a series of animated spots for Old Parliament House created by Zoo Advertising and EyeCandy Animation. EyeCandy have once again captured a compelling world, this time firmly set within this unique era of Misery, Mettle and Mateship.

Creative Director: Ken Buchan
Writer/Art Director: Ken Buchan
Animation/Design:Damian Stocks and Rachael Johnson
End Frame Design: Anthony Nankervis and Clinton Hutchinson.


This ad 'Talking Walls' captures just a few of the momentous events that occurred within this majestic building.


Still Australia's longest serving parliamentarian, Billy Hughes was the Prime Minister of Australia during the turbulent years of WW1. Hughes is remembered for controversially splitting the Labor party over the issue of conscription and having the public throw an egg at him over the same issue. He famously argued with American President Woodrow Wilson when he defended Australia’s post war reparation deal abroad and improvised by signing the famous Peace Treaty of Versailles with the use of a diggers rising sun button.

‘Billy Hughes at War’ extends the strong visual brand style previously developed in the first four Old Parliament House ads by drawing on WW1 propaganda posters.