28 March 2008

The National Gallery of Australia 'Be Moved'

The National Gallery of Australia wanted to promote their latest exhibition

featuring many of the world’s greatest artists never before seen in Australia.
These artists looked at the world differently by creating painterly explorations of mood and time passing, experimenting with colour and form.

However at the time of filming none of the works had arrived on our shores yet. So we decided to capture the emotive reaction of a woman within the gallery being immersed within a Turner painting. The performance of the actor together with our cinematography created the mood, that there is much more to these works than meets the eye. The exhibition went on to become the most successful to date for The National Gallery of Australia.

Client: National Gallery of Australia
Agency: ZOO Advertising
CD/Writer/Art Director: Ken Buchan
Designer: John Ruman, Clinton Hutchinson.
Exhibition logo: George Mackintosh
Production: Toolbox Films NZ
Director: Michael Reihana
Cinematographer: Damien Wyvill
Editor: Daniel Monaghan


Many art critics have described the work of Degas as though he's looking through a keyhole at his subjects because they are typically unaware of the artist's gaze. Their poses are natural and unselfconscious. Our ad therefore moves through the majestic world of Degas like a VIP backstage pass behind the scenes to yesteryear in France. Eye Candy has provided the odd flourish of tasteful animation too.

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