06 January 2012

Wife Swap Australia TVCs

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Wrote this campaign for agency Dynamix and wound up performing in one of the spots, very disturbing. See it at my official website that's easier on the eye www.kenbuchan.com
Blurb – If the key to good drama is conflict, then Wife Swap has it by the laundry load. It’s a show that isn’t just fun to watch but really lifts the lid on the different ways men and women choose to live and raise a family together. Perhaps that’s why this BAFTA-award winning series has been produced in the UK and US for over 8 years, and has now arrived down under – exclusive to XYZ Networks, LifeStyle YOU channel on FOXTEL. http://www.lifestyle.com.au/tv/wife-swap-australia/

Specialties: TV Campaigns, Outdoor Campaigns, Copywriting, Art Direction

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Ken Buchan said...

Monday 9th of Jan was the best ratings they have ever had for the launch of a Lifestyle You show and it was the No 1 show on Foxtel for the night.