04 May 2009

YOU DECIDE at Museum of Australian Democracy

My challenge was to make democracy engaging and it was a great pleasure to have the pick of events that shook Australian democracy, not everything got through research groups but we still got ads that makes you think. Enjoy.


The Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House in Canberra is a place where events are put into context within Australia and the world. Where you decide. It is one of the world’s first museums dedicated to the history and practice of democracy. Where you’ll find inspiring stories of everyday people who made a difference in the society we live in. Touch, see, hear, feel and be truly immersed in the events that have shaped our distinctive democracy. Because democracy isn’t just a word for the political system we have but something we live day to day. So stand up and be counted, visit a cultural attraction that will forever change the way you think and feel about your democracy.

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